Photography by Ted Belton

In the summertime, when the feeling is easy, dressing becomes a more creative endeavor. Sartorial rules are relaxed, the days grow longer, and workday slides effortlessly into happy hours on the patio. What is worn to the office must move just as effortlessly, so that work clothes become play clothes with the switch of a shoe, an extra button undone, or a layer peeled to welcome summer heat.

Deconstructed pieces make “strictly business” into something much more playful and interesting. The shirt by Alexander McQueen is oversized and broken apart, with slashed sleeves allowing for a flash of sun-kissed skin; Céline trousers are as relaxed as weekend wear, yet both maintain all the propriety necessary for the workday world.

Dries Van Noten’s summertime is a swirl of patterns and prints. Plaid is a frequent anchor for a mashup of both and is a wardrobe staple that adds casual elegance to an office uniform.

When Céline takes on the tropes of the business world they are transformed into covetable pieces of classic perfection. The striped shirt is easy, offering the opportunity to reveal the body beneath and is best paired with Céline’s take on the khaki trouser that elevates “casual Friday” to the next level.

There is nothing like a bodysuit to keep things neat and tidy and the Maison Margiela version is easy perfection. Give the look an au courant 70’s vibe with Céline’s wrap skirt… Clutch by Maison Margiela.

A bias-cut sheath can work all day and play all night. Maison Margiela’s sand-coloured slip is perfectly ladylike when the sun is shining and shows its sexier alter ego at night.

Balenciaga’s oversized and slouchy sweater in dazzling neon colours is perfect for air-con infused office spaces and is as comfortable as a sweatshirt while maintaining the necessary polish. Keep the boyish look going with micro-checked trousers by Maison Margiela, but show your sexy-girly side with Knife pumps by Balenciaga. Bag by Celine.